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Northwest Cleaning Solutions
  • Commercial Cleaning

    From daycares to offices and restaurants, leave it to Northwest Cleaning Solutions to take care of all your commercial cleaning needs!

Commercial Cleaning Services

As a business owner, you already have your hands full with day-to-day duties and the last thing you need to worry about is the cleaning. But if you've ever entered a commercial front that was untidy, you know what kind of impression it can create. Your building should be a reflection of your values. When you hire Northwest Cleaning Solutions, you hire a cleaning company that cares about presentation. We work hard to make sure no surface is left untouched. Committed to excellence in everything we do, you can be confident in timely commercial cleaning services that will go a long way.

Cleaning Services

From small business owners to corporate owners, we're here to clean up your store front with ease! We'll take out the trash, clean the bathrooms, dust your furniture and clean the floors! Need routine cleanings? We can do that, too! Our commercial cleaning services are tailored to the unique needs of your business.

If you would like to receive an estimate or discuss specialized cleaning services, just give us a call at (503) 894-6001 and we'll schedule a time to view your property to give you a free quote. Take a moment to explore an overview of our services below.


From spacious kitchens in restaurants to small kitchenettes for the office, we clean them all! Our team will expertly clean out fridges, inside and outside appliances, wipe down all the counters, sweep and mop, and whatever else your kitchen needs to shine!

Common Areas

For common areas like little dining spaces or office nooks, let our commercial cleaning specialists tidy any space in your building! We can dust light fixtures, clean windows, take out the trash and wash down virtually every surface that will impress your guests.


From single bathrooms to multi-stall bathrooms, one area of your building that should always be cleaned is the bathroom space. We'll wash the floors, clean toilets, remove trash, mop, sweep, wipe down the mirrors and sinks until the entire space is odor-free and shining!

Entrances & Lobby Areas

One of the most important places to keep clean and tidy is your entrance ways and lobby spaces. Why? Because this is the first place customers see --if not the only space. So let our cleaning professionals keep your entryway welcoming with dusting, sweeping and mopping, window cleaning and more!

Trash Removal

While it may seem like a rudimentary task, trash pick-up is one of our main services. It's crucial that your trash be collected from all areas of your business so that your commercial front remains tidy at all times. From kitchen trash bins to bathroom trash, we'll keep waste manageable.

Vacuuming & Carpet Care

If you have spaces in your building that have carpet, you already know how necessary it is to have someone come in and vacuum routinely. We will vacuum on a weekly or daily basis according to how often your business requires it. We also offer basic carpet care services that include removing stains and more.

Hard Floor Surfaces

At Northwest Cleaning Solutions, we can also take care of a variety of hard flooring surface types. From laminate to tiling and stained concrete, we can clean your floors accordingly.

General Dusting

Dusting is something that should be performed on a weekly to bi-weekly basis to ensure that your business space does not collect dust. Let our experts come in and dust from top to bottom including lighting fixtures, shelving, furniture and more!

Window Cleaning

Never worry about streaked or stained windows again with our help! We will wash your windows inside and out until they gleam and shine with pristine clarity .

The Deep Clean Your Business Deserves

Cleaning Services On Your Time

At Northwest Cleaning Solutions, we go above and beyond with our commercial cleaning services. While we offer a generalized culmination of cleaning services such as dusting, trash removal and floor care, we can also personalize our services to the unique cleaning requirements of your business.

Best of all? We clean around your time. We're available on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis--whatever you need for your company, office, daycare or restaurant to look it's best, we're on it!

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